Gala Games Unveils $300M Plan to Revolutionize Gaming in 2023

• Gala Games, a blockchain-based gaming platform, has released its plans for 2023.
• These plans include supporting the broader gaming ecosystem, moving to mobile, and carving out market share with four key pillars.
• The platform has set aside over $300 million to support projects in the gaming ecosystem, of which 50% has already been deployed.

Gala Games, a blockchain-based gaming platform that rewards users with in-game and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has revealed its plans for the upcoming year. With the goal of continuing to support the broader gaming ecosystem, moving to mobile and carving out market share, the platform has set aside over $300 million to help facilitate their strategy.

Gala Games is anchoring its strategy on four key pillars, touching on sharing updates, conquering mobile, protecting utility, and remaining visible. All games within its ecosystem will use GALA as the primary token, allowing users to vote on proposals. As the native currency of the gaming portal, GALA allows users to unlock various features and rewards that are exclusive to the platform.

To build on this base, Gala Games is investing over $300 million into projects in the gaming ecosystem. Of the total funds allocated, the platform has already deployed 50%, with the remaining funds to be released over the course of the year. In order to make sure their funds are put to good use, Gala Games has partnered with Gamedia, Artic 7, and Shiver Entertainment, among others.

In addition to working with external game developers, Gala Games has also updated the community that they plan to re-launch Town Star in partnership with “The Walking Dead Empires.” The platform looks forward to releasing more information about this in the summer.

With the goal of continuing to lead in the gaming sphere, Gala Games is hoping to remain competitive by offering users the best possible gaming experience. Through the use of blockchain technology and strategic partnerships, the platform is aiming to revolutionize the gaming industry in the upcoming year.